Hello world!

The classic first lesson in computer programming Hello World, symbolizes the beginning of a new journey. Since 1999 I’ve written in C++, PhP, Javascript, Ruby, Python and a few other languages. Today, I’m writing in Me.

A 2012 New Year’s Resolution

In 2011 I was a struggling freelance web designer working out of an office share in downtown Brooklyn. I decided that if I was going to have a future as a web professional I needed more than a working knowledge of the various programming languages. I needed to master them.

So began the ten month quest to fluency in web development.

  • Books: New York Public Library
  • eBooks: iBooks, Kindle, etc.
  • Screencasts: Lynda.com, Code School, Code Academy
  • Articles: A List Apart, Smashing Magazine
  • Q & A: Stack Overflow

Update: 2013 renewed perspective

Software development is demanding to such an extent that you really have to be strategic about everything. Your workflow will either liberate you or cause you to write in circles. Methodology and tools will save you valuable high level thinking time. The more often one can ask: how can we do this better/simpler/faster the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Reading vs Screencasts vs Tutorials

I’ve figured that reading is the chief learning medium for advancing as a programmer. Being able to read a textbook thoroughly and quickly will do more to advance you as a programmer, mainly because books are non-linear. With a textbook its a lot easier to skim, fast-forward, go back to something and more importantly you can take it with you anywhere you go.

The New Library

My once massive collection of textbooks bought and borrowed is now just about three books on my shelf. I have since built a pretty impressive library of textbooks on my iPad mini. I am amazed at how many amazing resources there are online for free or insanely cheap and best of all, I don’t need an internet connection and I can take my entire 100 book collection with me everywhere I go and constantly learn new things.

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